Free Grunge Borders for Photoshop

High Quality Photo Borders, Scanned in from Actual Darkroom Prints

Free Grunge Borders for Photoshop

Download our collection of grunge borders for free. The collection features authentic, high quality borders.
The borders were printed using a darkroom enlarger with a negative carrier and then scanned in. A Polaroid frame is also included.

Grunge borders, also referred to as sloppy borders, film borders or negative carrier borders, are increasingly hard to find these days. The effect is reminiscent of the film era, an era that is almost gone. Usually, borders are really hard to find online, and so we are really happy to offer you this great selection of borders for free.

The borders are layered in Adobe Photoshop .PSD format, with transparent .PNG files also provided.

Download links are below each example border.  If you like these borders, please share this link with your friends.

We hope you enjoy the free borders. If you like them, please share this link.